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Is an independent Swiss Inspection Company with head office in Geneva, Switzerland.

About Us

Aciter Control S.A. is now, with a new management,heading the “Aciter Inspection Group” which was established in 2002 to provide worldwide inspections services mainly for agri-commodities.

Aciter Inspection Group is a global network of inspection operations and dedicated laboratories offering a complete range of inspection, verification, monitoring, supervision and testing services for a wide range of commodities such as by-products as well as fertilisers, petrochemicals, steel, consumer goods and medicines.

Aciter can offer other services such as Stock Monitoring (SMA) and Collateral Management (CMA), warehouse inspections, pest control, crop monitoring, logistics and marine service, etc.

Being audited in the frame of ISO, GTAS and other standards, our group is approved superintendent by GAFTA, FOSFA, Russian, Kazakh and Ukrainian State Standard Organizations.We are present with our own offices in countries, mainly Switzerland (head office), Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Baltic States, Romania, Turkey, Iran. In above listed countries we have at least one own certified laboratory where our highly qualified staff can perform almost all analysis specified by different products. By using a network of selected agents, working according to the Aciter’s standard of quality, we can perform inspections in many other countries worldwide.