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Is an independent Swiss Inspection Company with head office in Geneva, Switzerland.

About Us

Aciter Control S.A. is now, with a new management,heading the “Aciter Inspection Group” which was established in 2002 to provide worldwide inspections services mainly for agri-commodities.

Aciter Inspection Group is a global network of inspection operations and dedicated laboratories offering a complete range of inspection, verification, monitoring, supervision and testing services for a wide range of commodities such as by-products as well as fertilisers, petrochemicals, steel, consumer goods and medicines.

Aciter can offer other services such as Stock Monitoring (SMA) and Collateral Management (CMA), warehouse inspections, pest control, crop monitoring, logistics and marine service, etc.

Being audited in the frame of ISO, GTAS and other standards, our group is approved superintendent by GAFTA, FOSFA, Russian, Kazakh and Ukrainian State Standard Organizations.We are present with our own offices in countries, mainly Switzerland (head office), Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Baltic States, Romania, Turkey, Iran. In above listed countries we have at least one own certified laboratory where our highly qualified staff can perform almost all analysis specified by different products. By using a network of selected agents, working according to the Aciter’s standard of quality, we can perform inspections in many other countries worldwide.

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When ACITER was established in 2002, the core business was the inspection services for Agri Commodities, with, at the time, main accent on Grains, oilseeds and vegetable oils from Black Sea / Azov Sea and Sugar Products from Brazil to various destinations. The new Management of Aciter decided to close down the Sugar activities, giving priority to Agri Commodities, and re-enforcing the other inspections activities for non-agri commodities and services. Due to our great expertize and highly qualified staff we can help you in controlling the entire supply chain from intake at Country Side up to export point and final destination, whether your goods are dry, liquid, bulk or bagged. We have implemented Quality Assurance Program throughout all Aciter Group members in order to reach the highest standard of quality for inspection.


We can provide full range of inspection services at Silo / Warehouse at time of intake / delivery, including, but not limited to, weight control, quality/condition control, sampling and analysis, Load Compartment Inspection (LCI) for truck and railcar.


We provide a complete inspection service at loading point, vessel of barges, with permanent attendance in the frame of Load Compartment Inspection (LCI), weighing, sampling according to international Standard like GAFTA / FOSFA, hatch sealing, Draft Survey, basic quality/condition determination on the spot by qualified inspectors, delivery of samples to our laboratory for quick and reliable analysis results.

We can of course provide same service at point of destination.

Being audited in the frame Quality Assurance Program like ISO, GTAS and other standard our group is approved by GAFTA (The Grain and Feed Trade Association), FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations) Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh State Standard Organizations.

In each country where we are present, we have at least one own Aciter certified laboratory where our highly qualified staff can perform almost all analysis specified for different products. Our permanent in house training program for laboratory staff as well as regular participation of our scientist to various congress give the guarantee of quality in analysis.

In certain countries we have team of mobile laboratory staff in order to bring analysis closest to origin / collecting point. We are constantly investing in buying new laboratory equipment in order to extend the spectrum of our in house analysis. We are also working with selected 3rd party laboratories in order to provide to our clients any special analysis they may require.

Collateral Services is a key part of the commodity financing by banks to traders. The quality of the services of ACITER in this respect will minimise the impact of the trade exposure and transactional risk for both of our clients and financial institutions. Our Collateral Services can be segmented as follows:


The first step of Collateral Services will a complete audit of the Warehouse in which the pledged goods are intended to be stored. Our qualified inspectors will conduct a detailed inspection of not only on the condition of the building but also of all security aspect such as fencing, security guards, firefighting equipment and all possible potential risks in the vicinities. We will also check the Insurance and administrative record of the warehouse keeper.


We shall report timely on the basis of punctual inspection or permanent presence of our inspectors all movements of the stored goods. During non-working hours we can secure the goods by sealing of the installations or in certain case by also installing a video protection system.


Collateral Management Agreement (CMA) is a strongest tools than SMA, in such case, the warehouse installation are leased to Aciter acting as stock keeper, and the stored goods placed under permanent Aciter responsibility. The goods will be released to third party only upon instructions from the financing party.


In the frame of financing, our experienced team can also offer crop monitoring reports. The good reputation of Aciter among the Banks and Financial Institutions will be an asset by reducing risk and facilitate access to credit.

Aciter inspection Group is also providing inspection services for consumer goods such as:

  • Sugar
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • FMCG

Aciter inspected a large panel of inspection from Perfume and Cosmetics till spare parts for industry.
We are at your disposal in order to tailor made solutions to protect your interest worldwide.

The Mineral and Industrial Division of Aciter will provide inspection and testing services for many commodities such as:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Fertilisers
  • Steel products
  • Spare parts for various industries
  • Electrical equipment and appliances
  • Scrap metals

We shall be at your disposal for any inspections needed in the frame of the above products.

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